Penguin Book Cover

The original brief for this project was set by Penguin Books student award, I decided to use this as an opportunity to have more fun with my work and do some visual play, rather than getting myself too bogged down on researching the book. The brief was to design a book cover for the non-fiction book “Unhabitable Earth” by David Wallace-Wells.

My initial thought when I considered the concept “the inhabitable earth” was of how the environment change would affect animals as their own natural habitat changed. This leads me to consider what it might look like to have animals swapping habitats such as a lion on an ice cap or a penguin in a desert. I enjoyed letting myself be playful and create some silly imagery of what a penguin might have to wear if the climate got too warm or too cold for him. I then developed some of these initial ideas into a book cover. I found that the subtlety of keeping the original cover the same or very similar, with a simple, muted background, and having one small focal point, gives the small detail of a toasted penguin much more weight.

Penguin logo development with cut out flames